Introducing ICAN (International Common Assessment of Numeracy) as a Global Learning Metric

What is ICAN? It is a cross-national, comparative assessment tool a developed and implemented by the People’s Action for Learning Network member countries. Learn more about ICAN and how it can help ensure every child is learning throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and in the future.

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Collecting essential education data during the COVID-19 crisis

This Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report blog provides guidance for ministries of education, their agencies and statistical institutions on: (i) what data to collect, and (ii) how to collect it, in order to monitor and analyze learning equity and inclusion.

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Learning Assessment During COVID-19

This guidance note aims to help UNICEF Education staff, Ministry officials and partners reflect on how to take account of learning through meaningful formative and summative assessment practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. It highlights general considerations and key actions that teachers, schools and Ministries of Education can undertake in the area of assessment to ensure the continuity of quality learning throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Read full guidance note here.

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Are students still learning during COVID-19? Formative assessment can provide the answer

Around the world, school closures due to COVID-19 have prompted governments, teachers and parents to quickly adapt and implement distance learning plans to ensure that students continue to engage in learning. This World Bank blog explores the current learning assessment challenges and priorities during COVID-19 and how various forms of formative assessment can support learning during school closures.

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COVID-19: A glance of national coping strategies on highstakes examinations and assessments

This UNESCO working paper provides a snapshot of decisions taken by countries with regard to high-stakes exams and timetabled assessments in response to COVID-19.

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High-stakes school exams during COVID-19 (Coronavirus): What is the best approach?

As schools around the world closed due to COVID-19, it left many students wondering whether their high-stakes exams will proceed this year. Read more about the alternative approaches to examinations in this World Bank blog.

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Could coronavirus shape the way assessments work forever?

As countries such as the UK, India and Australia decided to cancel exams at various levels due to COVID-19, the pandemic sparked a broader discussion around examination and whether alternative assessments may be more effective. This blog by the GEM Report looks at the various arguments around high-stakes examinations and how we might shift away from these assessments in light of COVID-19.

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